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Smart money is moving into gold, but the SMARTEST money is moving into silver.

This educational website was designed with YOU in mind. Here we will explore:

If nuclear energy is going to take a back seat, silver as a vital energy metal is central to renewable energies.

Are you optimistic about our growing global future? Buy silver.
As an industrial metal (most electrically conductive and light reflecting metal in the world), it is required and demand is rising.

Steel and copper were major metals of the last century. Silver is a metal of our times and beyond. It is a commodity upon which modern and new age life are dependent.

The Berkey water filter is a prime example - modern use of an age old idea.

Over the last 10 years:

Silver averaged an increase of 24.3% annually against the USD, 20.9% against the EUR, 23% against the GBP, and 18.5% against the CAD.

Here is a chart of the Dow Jones to Silver ratio. In 2002, the value of 2500 silver ounces equaled the index; today, just 350 ounces. The times, they are a changing... and 10 oz Silver Bars are selling fast.

Worried about the future, inflating currencies, debt and credit crisis? Buy silver. Unlike paper currencies, silver, (sound money) will always have value.

“To 250 million persons in 51 countries the word for money is the same as the word for silver and silver literally means money.”
- Jerome F. Smith

“The major monetary metal in history is silver, not gold.”
- Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman

“Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.”
- Norm Franz

In 2010:

Silver clocked in a price increase of 85% against the USD and 95% against the EUR.

Makes you wonder, does it have fundamental reasons to keep rising? I believe it does and here is why...

3 BIG Reasons Why The Price of Silver
Will Keep Going Up:

1. It is a very useful metal and supplies are dwindling! As the most reflective and most electrically and thermally conductive metal on Earth it is a key component of solar panels, high efficiency batteries, ipods, computers and cell phones. Silver is used medicinally because it is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral. It is being utilized more and more in water purification, clothing, food containers, and in mineral solutions such as colloidal silver.

2. It is currently undervalued. The historical Gold to Silver ratio (GSR) has been 1:16. For example 1 ounce of gold bullion was of equal value to 16 ounces of silver bullion. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, silver is about 16 times more abundant than Gold in the Earth’s crust. With the GSR back to 1:16, with the gold price at $1500 USD/oz, that would equal $94 silver. Many experts believe that the silver price has been manipulated and suppressed.

3. Central Banks Worldwide are recklessly printing money. People like you are waking up and silver demand as a store of value is growing quickly. Silver coins and gold coins have been the worlds currencies for 3000 years and are globally becoming recognized as such once again. From China to India, the Americas to Europe, people are buying silver bullion coins and bars. Folks are losing confidence in the fiat money experiment (money that has value only because of government regulation or law), and are returning to sound money. They buy silver.

It is my intention that in these changing times GuideToSilver.com will help you protect your wealth and increase your wellness. Please explore this site, pass it along and spread the word.

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