Investing in Silver? Let's check out the Silver Gurus predictions...

When I first began investing in silver in 2009 the main reason was to preserve my wealth. I understood two very basic things:

1. Every fiat currency (made legal tender by government), since the Romans began the practice has ended in devaluation and eventual collapse.

2. Silver has been the world’s real money for at least 3000 years.

Yes! Investing in Silver was a very easy decision. I’m stoked and I’m still buying. At 31 year highs? Yes, because I have grown to understand the market fundamentals, the inflation adjusted all time high, and am using a buy monthly and hold for years strategy.

When and how will I sell, spend, or trade my silver? Click here to find out.

One Thing The Silver Gurus Certainly Agree On:

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"We are about 25-30% into the game, we have got a long way to go."

- Bob Chapman, April.2011

Here Are Some Professionals In The Field
With Lofty Price Predictions

I like these guys, the Silver Gurus I call them, they are very REAL, have been advocating investing in silver for years and have loads of research to back up their claims.

One thing we must realize though. As the currency you are dealing with becomes worth less and less, putting a paper value on silver becomes almost impossible. In the 1930’s one silver coin would fill your car with gasoline. Today, that same silver coin will fill your car with gasoline.
Silver is a store of value. It is sound money.

Peter Schiff predicts 200 USD/Ounce.
Click here for the best information and videos with Peter Schiff.

Max Keiser predicts 500 USD/Ounce.
500 Dollar Silver? Really? The explanantion is here...

Rick Rule explains his outlook is very bullish (prices and investor confidence going up).
Excellent information and an interview with Rick Rule.

Gerald Celente predicts the silver price is going higher. "Higher until they stop printing trillions of digital dollars, not worth the paper it's not printed on."
Click here to learn more from the Director of the Trends Research Institute.

Eric Sprott predicts Silver will be well North of 100 USD/Ounce in the next 3-5 years.

David Morgan predicts 100 USD/Ounce.

Chris Waltzek predicts Parity With Gold, North of 2000 USD/Ounce.

Richard Daughty predicts 200 USD/Ounce.

James Turk predicts 400 USD/Ounce.

Robert Kiyosaki explains for 2011, silver is the single most attractive investment for any investor.

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Smart money is moving into gold, but the SMARTEST money is moving into silver.