Silver Water Purification Is Legendary... And Is Back For The New Age!

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Silver Water Purification Historically:

  • The Phoenicians used silver water vessels to keep water, wine and vinegar pure during their long voyages.
  • Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine", wrote that silver has healing and anti-disease properties.
  • Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used silver to purify and preserve water.
  • A Persian King, Cyrus the Great, set up one of the first boards of health and only gave water to his patients which had been boiled and then stored in massive silver containers.
  • In the seafaring days, sailors dropped silver coins into barrels of milk prolonging its keeping.
  • In America, pioneers put silver dollars in their water flasks and barrels before journeying west.

Why? Because silver is anti-bacterial,
anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.

"After testing 23 methods of purifying water, NASA has chosen silver as the purifying agent on the
Space Shuttle program. " -Jim Powell

How? Positively charged silver particles literally seek out, oxidize and destroy negatively charged bacteria and pathogens (any disease-producing agent, especially a virus, bacterium, or other microorganism). Once the pathogen has been oxidized, it loses it's negative charge and flows away neutral leaving the silver particle free to attack another pathogen. Silver water purification!

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Silver Water Purification Today:

  • Silver Water Filter. Berkey Water Filters uses a water filtering element impregnated with tiny particles of silver. The silver sterasyl ceramic filter is "Bacteriostatic", which means it is self sterilizing. The wall of the ceramic filter is impregnated with silver which kills any bacteria trapped in the pores. This method of silver water purification has been in use for over 50 years and has the approval of National Sanitation Foundation Standards, US Environmental Protection Agency, ISO 9002 Quality Standard, Department of Health (Toronto, Canada), Water Research Council (UK), California Department of Health and over 50 more Independent Laboratories Worldwide. The Berkey water filter is sold and used in over 150 countries worldwide.

  • Colloidal Silver. (aka: silver ionic water, ionic colloidal silver), is being used in intensive care, heart transplant and burn units of hospitals (killing bacteria allowing cells time to restore the area and reproduce quickly; improving recovery rates). It is also gaining popularity more than ever as an alternative medicine / mineral supplement for the whole family. Cats and dogs too! I have been using Advanced Colloidal Silver for two years now with only positive results. The benefits of colloidal silver are far reaching. It has cleared up numerous eyes styes, throat and ear infections, and cured a friends aggressive stomach bacteria (Helicobacter pylori, h pylori), where prescribed medicines failed. It contains 20 ppm (parts per million) of .9999 pure silver in de-ionized water. More colloidal silver uses, research, and news here.

  • Silver Water Purifier / Silver Water Filter for Pools. Forget the toxic and dangerous chlorine and bromine! Silver ionization water treatment is tried, trusted and true. Electrical ionizer units use silver and copper ions to sanitize swimming pool water. A safe, low, direct current passes through a set of silver and copper electrodes. As the water passes through this chamber, the ions are released to purify the water.

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    Swimmers can spend many more enjoyable hours without the nasty chemical side effects. Thousands of operating units around the world including the largest decorative fountain in the world - "The Fountain of Wealth" in Singapore, YMCA facilities, University of Texas, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, the Gulfarium (sea water exhibition pools) in Florida, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand.

    "Silver / Copper ion treatment has resulted in far healthier animals with healthier skin, and small scratches and abrasions that under chlorine did not heal well now heal more rapidly; most important, eye problems are markedly reduced."
    - Judy Tuttle, Supervisor of the San Antonio Children's Zoo

  • Silver Water Healing. One of the only alternative treatments for respiratory infections and conditions, silver water can free air passages. This allows a more efficient stream of oxygen to flow into the lungs. Many respiratory infections are caused by accumulated bacteria in the lungs which silver water can easily destroy.

    Medical science has found that bacterias and other pathogens develop immunities to antibiotics; they do not develop an immunity to silver.

  • Silver Water Gel. An infection preventer and rapid healing aid for minor to severe skin burns. It is a combination of plant gelatin and silver water (3ppm - parts per million). Silver water gel quickly revives damaged collagen (naturally occurring proteins found in the flesh and connective tissues). It is also used to diminish skin wrinkles, insect bites, bruises, rashes, scratches, cuts, diaper rash and razor burn (used as an aftershave gel).

  • Industrial / Commercial Silver Health. Amenitop is a compound developed by Japanese Professor Shigeharu Ueda. Amenitop consists of silica gel micro-spheres containing silver which allow a gradual release of silver providing long lasting anti-bacterial action on plastic surfaces. For example, in the metro system, increasing public health and safety. Amenitop studies have shown to provide strong bactericidal action against many disease causing bacteria such as E. coli.

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